There are a lot of reasons why one would blog, and earning money is somehow top of the list. Here, I’d like to share a few avenues where one can earn money as in cash money from blogging, and like blogging, it can be done from the comfort of your home. Here, I list ways money could be earn through blogging, and put in their brief details and why they are considered good choices to earn income.

One of the first online advertising platforms for Malaysian bloggers was Nuffnangs. They created a community and grew bigger than they expected, penetrating numerous South East Asia countries with their brand of online advertising. Every now and then, they have contest and events for their members. They pay in Ringgit Malaysia, and payment was made by crossed check.
Advantages: Local, famous, easy to use, community driven, a lot of contest, Payment in RM.
Minimum cash out: None.
Payment method: Check (with RM1 service charge)

Adsense is popular because they are probably the most successful online advertising agent in the market. They can also be seen across numerous mediums such as Youtube, blogs and popular websites. Nonetheless, getting an Adsense account might be rather difficult nowadays as Google becomes more strict on who gets to publish their ads.
Advantages: Great customer service, well known, easy to use. Payment in RM available.
Minimum cash out: USD100
Payment method: Wire transfer, check and Western Union

SwitchAds is perfect for those of you running multiple advertisers on your site because it can interchange between adverts, with the ones shown normally paying you higher. The company is based in the UK, and they pay in either pound or USD. I got my inivtation to join switchads via an email, but you can apply to join directly from their website.
Advantages: Ability to earn more with inter-changeable adverts
Minimum cash out: USD100 or GBP60
Payment method: Bank transfer or PayPal

Mobicow is a highly profit driven online advertising agent, focusing on mobile advertising. What’s interesting is that Mobicow allows low payout which means you can cash out money almost instantly. Mobicow so far has proven to be very profitable, and is highly recommended if you want to earn readers who read your blog using tablets or smartphones.
Advantages: Ability to earn more with inter-changeable adverts
Minimum cash out: USD5
Payment method: PayPal

Innity has two kinds of adverts, which are their in-house adverts, and their inter-changeable adverts. The inter-changeable adverts, shall activated, will show adverts from other advertising sites like Adsense shall Innity fail to provide adverts to your blog. Rates provided by Innity are competitive, but joining them would prove to be difficult as they have a certain ‘minimum requirement’ which is quite high.
Advantages: Ability to earn more with inter-changeable adverts, highly paid campaigns. Payment in RM.
Minimum cash out: RM100
Payment method: Bank transfer

SeedingUp, formally known as Teliad provides you an avenue to rent advert space and words in your blogs for a fee. The setting up of SeedingUp is a bit tricky, but once its up, and your offer price is right, you will start earning money at almost a monthly basis. Payments are directly made to your accounts, so you do not have to store money to cash out them at a particular time.
Advantages: Immediate payment. High prices offered.
Minimum cash out: None
Payment method: Paypal

There are others out there, but I’ve either tried them and found they don’t pay as much, hence why I didn’t recommend them, or they are not known yet to me.

If you know of a good paying publishing/online publishing company which engages bloggers, why not drop me a comment below. Would love to check them out.