The biggest event in Sri Aman is set to return this weekend (6-8 April 2012) as the Tidal Bore Festival or Pesta Benak makes a return.  Benak or tidal bore only occurs in a few parts of the world with Sri Aman claimed to have one of the best.

Among the activities lined up for this year are a bazaar, Miss Tourism Benak, Budaya Ria Benak, Astro Artist Show, Bertandak Competition, fireworks display, international surfers, pump and engine speed boat competition and many more.

To add to the excitement, the organizers of the fest have also introduced Jetski Waverunners in action to complement the already dazzling performance by the benak surfers. To get a glimpse of what you can expect at the fest, can check out this year’s promotional video below:

For more information, including a complete scheduling and updates on the fest, please visit the official Pesta Benak blog at