PERKASA wants boycott on Jaclyn Victor over Christian song


Extremist NGO PERKASA has urged fellow Muslims to boycott popular Malaysian singer Jaclyn Victor.

According to an online portal, the song titled ‘Harapan Bangsa’ was uploaded on YouTube on Jan 3, 2012 and it contains religious connotations pertaining to the Christian faith.

Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali said that some lines in the song was a clear insult to Islam as the country’s official religion although checks by Sarawak Bloggers Muslim friends did not find it offending.

According to, several Muslim MPs have questioned PERKASA’s fragile sensitivity over the song with many saying that the Christian singer should not be reprimanded for singing a Christian song.

One particular MP also slammed PERKASA for “disrupting the multicultural fabric of society” by exploiting issues that could potentially create racial tension in the country.

Those wanting to hear the song can view it below. NOTE: Viewer discretion is advised as it contains religious content.