SRI AMAN – Almost hundreds of people here “invading” Resident’s office since morning today. According to one of the rural man met at that “invasion”, they want to check if their application for BR1M have been approved or not. When asked, how did he knew that he can check it here at, he said, his friends and relatives asked him to go and check. He also said that, since he came down from his longhouse which is quiet far from the town so he will keep on waiting so that it will be worth his journey.

Another man who came together with him said that they (those who manage BR1M) should publish the name of those whose application have been approved and eligible for receiving the voucher in the newspaper or television so that it will be easy for those from village/longhouses that are far from the town to know about their application’s status.

BR1M or Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia is one initiative by the Malaysian government to help those with low income. Many people have been looking forward to this BR1M as it will be some kind of “bonus” for them especially to those from rural areas. According to one young man met while he was waiting at the Resident’s office, he and his family will really feel grateful if their application is approve to receive the RM500 voucher as it will help in a thing or two in their family.

Another crowd have also been spotted at LHDN office here. According to some of them, they can also check their BR1M status here but some said they want to collect their vouchers.

According to rumours, the BR1M voucher might be distributed to recipients here within these two weeks. Any members of public in Sri Aman who wants confirmation of the schedule can check the notice board at the Resident’s office.