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SIBU: The Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) President Mr William Ghani has pointed out that parents are to be blamed for causing youth mental health problems.

According to him, parents these days exert more pressure on their children so that they do not ‘loose face’, hence putting their child with extra pressure to succeed both in school and public exams.

William Ghani(pic) was also quoted by the Borneo Post as saying ““The society’s attitude has evolved over time and with that comes higher expectations. Hence, these poor kids are pushed beyond their limit and pressured to excel beyond their own capability. They are going from one tuition centre to another, leaving them with no time to enjoy their childhood years.
“And they when fail to meet their parents’ expectations, they are chided and compared with neighbours or friends’ children thus, hurting their self-esteem,”

Our comment: While it’s good to excel academically, let’s not forget to enrich our young ones with good moral values and undivided family love which are equally important.


  1. Does it occur to Gani what other reasons could interfere with parents’ best interests, other than Gani’s, in their own blood children?

    They’re not buying enough enough insurance from STU or what?

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