leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric hosted a panel discussion about electrical safety nationwide yesterday.

The discussion saw partners, the Energy Commission and The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM), come together to addressed and discuss issues on electrical safety and the precautionary measures to avoid any possible accidents.

Based on the discussion, it was mentioned by the Energy Commission of Malaysia that on average there are 58 electrical accident cases occur every year in the country, with nearly 50% of the accidents resulting in deaths.

Therefore, the panel discussion emphasised that the safe and efficient use of electricity at home is important to minimise the risk and possible accidents.

Among the panelist were Iffah Hannah Muluk, Head of Electrical Safety Development Unit at the Energy Commission; Ir Chew Shee Fuee KMN, Immediate Past President at The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM); Mazliazhar Abdul Latif, Senior Product Marketing Engineer at Schneider Electric; and Daphne Iking.


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