On a live chatting session over Yahoo Malaysia, Malaysian diving darling Pandelela Rinong said Johari Pain was very famous, and that he should think with his brain before he release any statements.

She was asked by a netizen about if she knew who Johari Pain was. Pandelela also revealed her love for K-Pop, and how she would love to visit Seoul one day.

She further confirmed she will be coming back this 21st August after one netizen asked her about her return to Kuching in Bidayuh. She further revealed that her arrival was at 12:30PM to a question by Sarawak Bloggers founder Cyril Dason.

Apart from that, the 19-year old Sarawakian also declared her pride of being a Sarawakian at the start of the interview, while stating that her idol was Dato’ Lee Chong Wei.

She further said that she would love to attend the Big Bang concert if given the opportunity, and further answered that her only social media account now is on Facebook, which is Pandelela Rinong official (link given).

When asked about the Olympics gold medalist Chen Roulin, she said the China ace has a very strict coach while hers is more ‘gentleman’.

She further answered that where she would study would depend on her coach, and that she would be honored if she was conferred the title Datuk.

The diving ace also answered that her preffered car was an Audi, but does have a ‘phobia’ driving. Further questions revealed that she likes to be called ‘Lela’ and that her nickname LuluGDolphine was a combination of anime+kpop+dolphin.

The Bau lass ended the live chat by declaring that she is “proud to be a Sarawakian because of their fighting spirit that will never give up”.

The interview according to a tweet by Yahoo Malaysia was fun, with Pandelela giggling and smiling all the way.

Photo of Pandelela taken from Yahoo Malaysia.


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