Padang Merdeka might be owned by Plaza Merdeka soon


A local newspaper has revealed that talks are on the way between the management of new mall Plaza Merdeka with the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) and Kuching City North Commission (DBKU) about the take over of Padang Merdeka.

The square sized field located in the centre of the city is a popular for events, and is located just opposite the yet to be opened Plaza Merdeka.

According to the report, Plaza Merdeka plans to transform the area stretching from Padang Merdeka to the scenic waterfront with elaborate landscaping, special lights and social activities to bring “life” to the now seemingly quiet area, especially at night.

It was further suggested that Plaza Merdeka intends to manage the field on a non-profitable basis as part of its social contribution to the city and its people.

Plaza Merdeka is set to open this November with over one million sq ft of gross floor, hence making it one of the biggest malls in Kuching City.