P1, which is owed by Telekom Malaysia (TM), is now known as webe.

The announcement was made at a special event organized by P1 today. During the event, webe also announced that is it backing several crowdbacking initiatives which will be helping the local community.

According to webe, these chosen initiatives have already obtained funding, but need backing from the community in order to succeed or go through. Backing can be done for free via their app and website. The concept is similar to crowdfunding, except that the public gives their vote of support for a project instead of giving money/funding.

For many however, news of the crowdbacking initiative announcement is not what many have been anticipating as many were hoping webe will announce their much rumoured data plans.

However, with everything still under wraps nonetheless, it is likely that everyone would still have to wait until TM and webe is ready to make their data plans official.


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