OnePlus 8 Pro is probably one of the best smartphones out there, but things got pretty interesting when their so called ‘colour filter camera’ was eventually believed to be an ‘X-ray’ camera.

I call it as such because reports have suggest that the lens used for the colour filter camera does more than just change the colour of your photo.

In fact, it enables you to see through items like cloths, plastics and so forth, hence the label ‘X-ray’ camera.

An image by Tom’s Guide shows the phone below taking a normal photo.

While soon after, the image below was the result of using the OnePlus 8’s colour filter camera.

As you can see, the insides of the stove can be seen, and this feature has caused some concerns as one could use the special feature to do other ‘bad’ things.

That said, it is reported that OnePlus had decided to disable the feature in their coming software update.

This will be done to address privacy concerns which had emerged from the use of the camera.

Another announcement also mentioned that the OxygenOS will be updated to limit the camera’s abilities, but it won’t be locking off the color filter camera or its associated ‘photochrom’ filter effect globally applying it only to HydrogenOS, which is a China-only operating system.


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