The Ministry of Education has revealed that all students obtaining 9A+ will be automatically offered bursaries for local pre-university studies. The amount used for such an offer is said to be costing the government RM2.2bil.

Students will be eligible to check on the details of the offer beginning 16 April.

Apart from the bursaries, the government is set to offer overseas scholarship for students with unconditional offers from the world’s top 10 universities this year. The line they are required to study are Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

The announcement will definitely bring joy to SPM high achievers although those wanting to pursue their education overseas may have their dreams blown up in ashes due to the more competitive intake to the top ten universities in the world.

The students will also need to prepare themselves to study in either United States of United Kingdom as the listed top ten 2012 universities according to The Times Higher Education are as follows:

  1. California Institute of Technology – United States
  2. Harvard University – United States
  3. Stanford University – United States
  4. University of Oxford – United Kingdom
  5. Princeton University – United States
  6. University of Cambridge – United Kingdom
  7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – United States
  8. Imperial College London – United Kingdom
  9. University of Chicago – United States
  10. University of California Berkeley – United States

Bursaries are monetary awards made by an institution to an individual or a group to assist the development of their education.