As a Sarawakian, I am proud to say that we have great English speakers and writers, what more to say about Sarawak Bloggers. To express feelings or describe an experience, you either say it out loud or express in words or just let the pictures do the talking.

Effadylia is the author of The Borneo Girl. Her name is as unique as her personality. She shares and expresses her thoughts, life, feelings and etc.. with others, to see and feel what it’s like to be a Borneo girl as portrayed by her blog title, “A Day In My Shoes”. Furthermore, I saw this tagline “Heels or Flats, Life Goes On” at the top of her blog. Personally, I like the way she looks at life – very optimistic.

From her blog header and title, you can tell how much she loves shoes! I admit, I love shoes too; and I confess, I collect shoes too. Every girl has similar interests – beauty, shopping and shoes.

I enjoy reading her her recent posts on her blog. There are mostly about her traveling experiences, food she had abroad and etc.. She blogterary (blog + literary) brings her readers with her on vacation. As a reader, it felt like I’m traveling with her, even though the destinations are thousands of miles away, her sharing brings her readers to the destinations within a monitor away.

With all the above said, there’s no need for me to fork out any reasons why Effadylia is our October’s Featured Blogger. Now go stalk her blog @