Nurul Shuhada appologizes over Twitter for ‘Bintulu daif’ statement


TV3 presenter Nurul Syuhada Nurul Ain has apologized via her twitter account @NurulSyuhadaNa for her statement ‘Bintulu daif’ (backwards place) which was aired live on national TV during the Merdeka celebration at Dataran Merdeka.

According to her tweet, she was unaware of her words and inadvertently said such words with no intention of demeaning the division.

She further clearified on her Facebook with a long apology which says “To my fellow malaysians brethren of bintulu origin, to clarify, yesterdays statement of ‘daif’ needs to be understood in the context that it was said i.e benefiting from the transformation programme. As an anak Jati malaysia, I wud never critisize my native soil or any of her great territories. To those who were offended, I apologise, to those who are attempting to sow hatred and fitnah, Allah almighty will be the judge of u.”

The remarks Nurul made about Bintulu during a ‘live’ crossover of the National Day celebration here on Friday have cause many Sarawakians to be up-in arms as they feel her words were not just insulting but damaging to the Sarawakian coastal town’s reputation.

PBB Youth has requested a public apology from the TV station and the presenter, while numerous pages seeking an apology have surfaced on Fcebook.  Despite Nurul’s effort however, some have stated that the apology was insincere, and demand a proper one.