I had a hard time choosing the featured blog for the month of November, Is my birthday around the corner? I don’t think so but maybe, Sarawak Bloggers have grown so much that’s there are so many fantastic blogs to choose from! No doubt, things are rather different compared to the times when we first started the community and it seems that more and more goodies are flowing in fro the members like a tsunami!

 It’s rather a normal scene to see youngsters carrying big DSLRs in the streets nowadays. Isn’t it? Nevertheless, DSLRs are getting cheaper and lots of offers in the market these days. I, for one, being a photo-enthusiast, I get very fascinated with photos taken and featured by our Frisco Daniel, which is my pick of the Blog of the month award.

There are tonnes of photoblogs around in the Sarawak Bloggers community, but why Fris’ blog? Simple. To me, personally, the best is just simplicity. I loved the layout, his photos and of course, his writing. Besides writing about his travels, works and photos, Frisco shared his experiences on tips to take good photos. As the saying goes, “Jangan Lokek Ilmu” or “Don’t be selfish with your knowledge”.

 A short description about Frisco himself:
Frisco Daniel describes himself as a photographer who practices photo-journalistic method and approach in capturing wedding. For portraits, he describes his style as refined contemporary, classy, gracefully modern and suavely posed. He finds every photography session to be unique, with the constant changing of clients, locations and situations, he will try to create and innovate new ideas and styles to make the photos constantly special.

Photos speak a million words, works of an art. Nuff said, just head on to our November’s Featured Blog of the Month, Frisco Daniel’s blog at http://friscodaniel.com!