HyppTV users will need to subscribe to ASTRO or rely entirely on RTM TV channels shall they want to watch matches of the FIFA World Cup as TM has confirmed that they will not be able to air any of the matches of the competition this coming June.

This follows the fact that ASTRO has won the full broadcasting right to show all 64 matches of the Wolrd Cup, with RTM allowed to show 32 live matches.

According to Amanz.my, TM not only failed to secure the broadcasting rights to the World Cup, but also will not be able to show any live matches showed on RTM through its HyppTV network.

TM has said that all RTM channels on HyppTV which show the FIFA World Cup live games will be ‘blacked out’ during the time of the game.

It is understood that TM is saddened by RTM’s move to not provide access to live broadcast of the matches on their TV despite the fact that RTM runs on the ‘Free-To-Air’ concept, which basically means that HyypTV should be given access without no problem.

But TM is not the only channel unable to show the World Cup due to broadcasting rights. Other companies such as Media Prima (who owns TV stations TV3, NTV7, 8TV) and ABN Axcess are also without such rights and are believed to have ‘special plans’ to entertain their audiences during the coming competition.