A new website was spotted on the internet today, with the word ‘youth’ all over it, and the promise that those interested can be part of the fun.

The site does not reveal much, but a statement from the Sarawak Bloggers page reveals that the project/website has some sort of collaboration with them.  Sarawak Bloggers was the organizers of Sarawak’s most talked about social media event last year Tweet-Up Kuching.

The website which is addressed at www.ouryouth.my is currently inviting youths and those interested to register to be part of the project.

Rumors going around says that those registered will be entitled to be part of something massive, which is said to be the first of it’s kind in Sarawak.

So, if you are keen and one of those daring ones to register for something mysterious, head on to www.ouryouth.my, and register yourself.

You never know what fantastic things await you!