The new Toshiba Ultra HD 4K TV was just recently released in Malaysia in two models.

There’s the flagship model – Z770, and the premium model – M550. Both models have a wide colour gamut display and a powerful sound system.

Both TVs are enabled with smart features through Android™ TV.

Toshiba Ultra HD 4K TV highlights

Since the two variants are slightly different, I’ll do highlights of both saperately.

Toshiba’s flagship Ultra HD 4K TV Z770 series

The Z770 Series, is the flagship series for Toshiba’s TV line.

It has everything that consumers need including “intelligent” professional theatre-level picture quality by the combination of AI capable REGZA Engine 4K PRO and Quantum Dot Colour Display. AI Picture Optimiser, an iconic feature of AI Essential PQ Technology, intelligently recognises scenarios (e.g. face, building, snowing, indoor lighting, etc) in every frame to provide the precise picture optimisation suitable for each scenario just like it is tuned by picture professionals.

In addition, the Full Array Local Dimming improves the overall contrast dramatically, whereas the Ultimate Peak Brightness adds the real brilliance to the scene. Moreover, Ultimate Motion 120Hz, Toshiba’s unique motion smoother with the double-speed circuit, generates 120 frames per second to provide more fluid and clearer motion for fast-action sequences, which puts the users into the moment.

The Z770 also provides a private theatre environment with various cinema-oriented features with IMAX Enhanced that combines the 4K HDR and DTS audio technologies.

There’s also a newly designed audio system for Z770, known as the REGZA Power Audio PRO+ which comes with a 30W Quad Passive REGZA bass woofer and dual 25W Clear Direct Two-way Speakers.

On top of that, there’s also AMD FreeSync™ Premium enabled with the TV hence giving it a smooth stutter-free gameplay up to 120Hz.


Toshiba’s Premium Ultra HD 4K TV M550

The Toshiba M550 comes with REGZA Engine 4K provides an immersive real vision with heart-shaking sound.

The display is supported by Auto View, which measn the TV will automatically adjusts the picture settings according to the ambient light environment.

The combination of Super Contrast Booster and Adaptive Dimming Technology enhances reality by optimising the contrast for stunning reality.

The REGZA Power Audio Pro that equips the 25W Power Bass Woofer and the dual clear direct speakers that generate the very thick and rich sound, giving the consumers the authentic acoustic experience at home.

Dolby Vision-Atmos also provides the cinematic viewing experience with detailed and high-quality audio-visual performance, which brings a live theatre experience to life.


Toshiba Ultra HD 4K TV Price and availability

Toshiba Malaysia says the flagship Toshiba Z770 Series comes in 65” and retails at RM6,999, while the Toshiba M550 has three different sizes which start at RM2,999 for the 50″, RM3,999 for the 55″and RM4,999 for the 65″.

You can get all the smart TVs mentioned above from local electrical stores, and also both on Shopee and Lazada.

My checks online show both TV models are cheaper online, so do check it out.




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