There are strong rumours that a new telco, known as Webe would be revealed by P1 this coming April 13th. Of course if you follow tech and telco news closely, you’d also know that P1 is owned by none other than Telekom Malaysia (TM).

Webe is said to offer 20GB data, with free 1000 minutes of call and 1000 SMS for their users for a mere RM8/month, undercutting all telcos in Malaysia.

As of now, no one really knows much about what Webe has in mind, but if the offer and rumours are concrete, a price war looks set to begin yet again, and consumers can expect to be the biggest winners.

For those already concerned about coverage, well, don’t worry, because as we understand, P1 has signed an agreement with Celcom recently, allowing them to also enjoy coverage in Celcom areas.

But before you get all excited and ask where you can sign up, wait for the official announcement because it’s coming this 13 April.

Just an added information, P1 is already sending out invites to selected people to attend a grand event this coming 13th, so it is very likely that Webe will be launched then.



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