The new Perodua Axia which was teased earlier will be sold beginning at RMRM24,900 with Perodua announcing that multiple variants of the new model would be open for booking tomorrow (Friday) at a booking fee of between RM250 to RM300.

The second national car maker said that the cheapest variant available for the Axia is the Standard E, with the other three being Standard G, Special Edition and Advance.

Those interested to know more about the car can visti Perodua’s nearby showrooms, or wait for the official launching of the car which is expected to happen very very soon.



  1. harga perodua viva ku kalau nak jual ..alamak harga besi burok.Mana tidaknya harga baru model baru hanya RM28,000(Sarawak) lamak aku paling tinggi pun RM18,000 (second hand).

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