There’s going to be a new broadband player in the country this March 8th, and it seems good for rural areas.

Called ConnectMe, the broadband service would be using satellite dishes to obtain its signal, allowing users to access the service at remote areas where 4G or wired internet is unavailable or expensive to install.

The use of satellite also means that coverage isn’t a problem for ConnectMe.

Currently there’s three packages available, but personally, they do seem to be for those realy desperate for connectivity as the set-up cost is so much higher than a typical broadband.

ConectMe plans
ConectMe plans

In terms of download speed, it’s just 15Mbps, but for those without high speed internet, that’s already fast and good enough to do basic internet works, though online gaming with heavy games will not work.

Nonetheless, with such a hefty start-up price, I can’t help wonder about the take-up, especially since there is no mention of the quota limit, but I am guessing if you are desperate for connectivity, this is a definite solution.