Netizens have been busy rubbishing the newly unveiled 55th Merdeka logo with many stating how ugly it looks, aside from most feeling that it was done without much effort.  Others also claim that it is not fit for the nation’s 55th independence day celebration as they compare the logo with independence day logos from neighbouring Indonesia and Singapore.

Comments across blogs suggest that the design could have been much better with many talented netizens coming up with their own 55th Merdeka logo.

On Facebook, several groups rejecting the logo have been created. Among them are “55,000 Malaysian Designer Feels Unhappy With New Merdeka Logo” and “1000 better logos for Malaysia’s 55th Merdeka Day“.

Some Malaysians have also resorted to creating trolls and meme’s to rubbish the new logo, with some creating a three minute tutorial on how easy the logo can be created.