A Peninsular based newspaper was condemned by netizens as they claim it’s title ‘Chong Wei terlepas RM4 juta’ (Chong Wei misses out on RM4 million) was too insensitive.

The comments come around after the whole world, and practically every Malaysian watched how national badminton ace Lee Chong Wei fought hard to get the national anthem Negaraku played for the very first time in the Olympics.

Kosmo headline today.

Reactions from Twitter users came in with many saying the local paper was seeking cheap publicity, and that they would have preferred the paper to carry a different and more sensitive headline, particularly after Chong Wei did his very best.

Among the more polite reactions came from @AmirDanish17 whom tweeted “‘Chong wei terlepas habuan 4 juta’ – Kosmo. Stupid, he doesnt want the money, He played for Malaysia, for 28million of us here, dumbhead”, while another twitter user @ZainHamid, tweeted “Headline Kosmo ni dah kenapa?terlepas habuan 4 juta?come on!!he fought for his country n mcm ni korang tulis??grow up Kosmo.#DLCW”.