Deeply inspired by the humble condiment that is loved by all nationwide, Nando’s celebrates the fusion of Malaysian and South African PERi-PERi flavours by introducing the all new Soy PERi-PERi.

The sauce is Nando’s first ever Asian-inspired PERi-PERi flavour, made with feeling for Malaysians.

Returning the love it has received from Malaysians since 1998, Nando’s combines their iconic PERi-PERi sauce with Malaysia’s very own favourite condiment: the kicap!

The dark aromatic sauce has a prominent spot in all traditional Malaysian cooking, in recipes passed down from generation to generation, similar to PERi-PERi in South African cuisine.

While Nando’s have previously released unique flavours in the past like Mango & Lime PERi-PERi, and even a special Coconut Saucy Bowl, this is the first-ever PERi-PERi flavour formulated with Malaysians favorite sauce in mind.

Nando’s new Soy PERi-PERi is a delicious blend of the zesty PERi-PERi Sauce with the familiar taste of Malaysia’s Soy Sauce.

With the launch of the exclusive new flavour, Nando’s Malaysia is also offering attractive meal deals to be enjoyed by Malaysians for a limited time! A family of 4 can enjoy a meal for less than RM24 per person as well.

To get a taste of this new flavour, you get get your Nando’s meal at a local Nando’s restaurant or you can check out Nando’s on Shopee for promotions.



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