The world wide web is buzzing with 100 women celebrities (including Jennifer Lawrence (photo), Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice and Kate Upton) naked and explicit pictures hacked through their iCloud accounts.

News on the photos first made it to 4Chan but now, it seems its starting to surface worldwide.

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage facility which automatically stores photos, email, contacts and other information online, allowing users to sync this data across different devices.

The photos said to be hacked are genuine with some celebrities confirming they have such photos in their iCloud accounts.

Tech experts are claiming that the ‘hack’ was done through a ‘phishing attack’, and that Apple’s “Forgot my password” system was used to facilitate the attack or, hack.

As for now, not much can be said about how it was done, and Apple has yet to release a statement in regards to the incident.

Nonetheless, this incident is a good reminder that we should not store valuable information on our cloud storage, what more our nude photos.

Source: TC