Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is one of the most popular national Asian leaders on Twitter and is also one of the 25 most connected world leaders on the site according to a recently published Burson-Marsteller report on world leaders’ use of Twitter.

Although US President Barack Obama is most popular, Najib, who has more than 750,000 followers, is No 2 in Asia and No 17 in the world out of 264 heads of government and states and their institutions.

He is the sixth most popular world leader who “tweets properly”. Just 30 out of 264 accounts are genuinely personal where the leaders themselves do their own tweeting.

It also noted that Najib was an early adopter of Twitter with his account @NajibRazak.  He opened his account in 2008.

The report supports an Oxford University study released this month, which showed that Malaysia was a world leader in Twitter use – ranking as the sixth highest overall user, with the third highest penetration.

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