It is difficult to find a reliable hosting company nowadays, and when you really find one, you’d love to recommend them to your friends and families.

Well, after weeks of searching for a reliable hosting company, including signing up for a huge known one, which ultimately disappointed me, I came to find out about MyDuniaHosting.

Their name doesn’t really spark much interest because it sounds so ‘Malaysian’, and like most Malaysians, I have a slight distrust over Malaysian products, so I decided to give them a buzz through their ‘Live chat’.
MyDuniaHosting chat
I obtained a reply within seconds, and soon I was conversing with Mohd Farihan, a sales rep someone (can’t remember his name) about transferring two of my sites to a new VPS account.  This is where I typically ‘fish’ for the best service and ‘get to know if their customer service is up to mark’.  Some hosting companies don’t bother about this, while others just promise to get back to you but end up not doing so.  It’s very frustrating.

Here however, MyDuniaHosting is proving otherwise with fast replies, with good authority.  Through my live chat, I was able to secure an additional discount for my hosting service if I paid for a whole year.  This discount was not found online, so it was really cool!

MyDuniaHosting smartvps
The different packages offered by MyDuniaHosting.

Due to the responsive sales team, and the additional discount offered, I signed up for MyDuniaHosting for a year under their SmartVPS package.  It is indeed a risk, but I am a risk taker (hence why I lost money with another hosting company previously).

Anyway, with the deal done. It was now time to check out the control panel, and most importantly, the technical service of MyDuniaHosting.  The technical service of MyDuniaHosting has been tasked to move two websites of mine to my new VPS, and configure everything in my new VPS.  I have tried to configure the VPS myself, but it was a failed mission which cost me money.

Having a proper control panel for myself was important because it allows me to know immediately about what services I have with MyDuniaHosting, and the technical service is key to help out when I am in trouble.

MyDuniaHosting cpanel
The control panel of MyDuniaHosting. The coolest ever I’ve seen.
MyDuniaHosting emails
Emails updating me on the transfer.

Now, the great thing about MyDuniaHosting is that the technical team is not only courteous, but also very responsive to every request you make.  With my former website host, they transferred my site without telling me much of the process.

The only time they communicated with me was when they needed something, or when the transfer is done. However, with MyDuniaHosting, I was kept in the loop about almost everything, and also got to know they actually tested the site before making the transfer.  They even took the trouble to create a mock site to ensure everything runs smoothly! Now, this is customer service done right!

Email tutorial
The custom made tutorial. Yep, is my site.

To add to my amazement, MyDuniaHosting even went the extra mile by coming up with a custom tutorial about how I could set up my email address!  Honestly, I didn’t expect this because I was expecting a link to a general tutorial, something which most webhost would do.

So, to say I am happy with MyDuniaHosting is indeed an understatement because I am indeed very pleased with them. If you are keen to give them a try, why not check them out at



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