Vedran Muratovic played his last game for Sarawak last Saturday as Robert Alberts confirms that he is now released. According to the Borneo Post, Robert Alberts said that Muratovic is no more in his future plans for the Crocs as he is now seeking a replacement import player.

Under fire Muratovic has failed to live up to the expectations of many, including head coach Alberts whom have been critical over his performance.

Credit however must be given to Muratovic for his hard work on the pitch with him running tirelessly. Nonetheless, as fan sites suggest, Sarawak needs a clinical striker, and this was not the case for Muratovic who has only scored once via a penalty.

The player called ‘Murat’ by many Sarawak fans, also gained the nickname ‘striker youtube’ due to his proven ability on a Youtube video, but his failure to deliver on the pitch.

We wish Muratovic the best in his future endeavours, and thank him for his service to Sarawak.