Mukah Kembara Media 1Malaysia Bloggers Coverage


Four of our lucky bloggers were recently sent to the umai heaven at Mukah by the Malaysian Information Department to check out what’s cool and hip in the town also famous for the locally made tebaloi.


Well, our feedback reveals that they had a blast, and they were treated to some fantastic food, and with Mukah people showing them lots of love, they made some interesting post about the whole trip.

To know more about what happened, check out the blog post by the four bloggers below:

Aliey Eyezie –

Uncle Awang –

Effadylia Affendi –

Photo above shows the Sarawak Bloggers attending the Kembara Media 1Malaysia organized by the Information Department taken from Aliey.  From left (Hilda, Effadylia, Uncle Awang and Aliey).  Blog post will be updated in this post until 31 July 2012, so do check this post often.