Fancy a trip to Mukah, the place famous for the the the delicious Umai dish?

Here’s your chance because the Information department will be sponsoring five active Sarawak Bloggers to Mukah this coming July 2012.

Bloggers are requested to write articles on their blog about developments that had been carried out under SCORE and many others in Mukah division such as its historic and many other features writing. The name of the programme is KEMBARA MEDIA 1 MALAYSIA.

The trip, including transport from Kuching, hotel accommodation and food will be fully paid for, and bloggers interested/selected are required to do some coverage on their trip or the development of Mukah in their blogs.

Those interested are required to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Able to travel to Mukah from 10 July 2012-12 July 2012
  2. Not afraid of flights/can travel by plane
  3. Willing to do at least two (2) post on the trip
  4. Willing to give Sarawak Bloggers rights to use the photo which is related on the trip to be published.

Those interested, please fill in the form below.  Closing date to apply is 21 June 2012 (midnight). This is to enable us to arrange transportation and flight details.


Please note that Sarawak Bloggers reserves the rights to withdraw this offer shall circumstances disallow the offer to be continued.