The Crocs will be looking to bounce back after their disappointing defeat to Kelantan in the FA Cup.  The game which was televised throughout the nation broke many hearts as Sarawak came close to stunning the home team until the very last minute.

T-Team on the other hand is a team roaring to increase their winning streak to four after they notched 3three impressive wins in both the Malaysia Super League and FA Cup.  Midfielder Zairo Anuar will be the focus of the match as he has scored the most goals for this team nick named ‘Young Turtles’.

Sarawak, given second chance to re-appear on TV after their televised defeat against Kelantan will be keen to capitalize on the opportunity to ensure they shine this time and bring back the full three points for their fans. In the game against Kelantan, Sarawak matched the football giants in every angle, only to come out unlucky at the end. The Crocs however will be happy to have captain Hairol Mokhtal back at their defence as his absence was much felt in the game against Kelantan and Johor FC.

Up front, Sarawak will again depend on Vedran Moratovic whom has netted two goals so far with his influence proved vital after he assisted Azizan Baba for the opening goal against Kelantan. Guy Bwele will be expected to run the engine room for Sarawak. However, Alberts is expected to ask Bwele to play a more attacking role in midfield as seen in the last two games.

Local boys Ashri Chuchu and Zamri Morshidi are still very inconsistent in their games, but both have shown signs of developing in the near future. Despite that, we are expecting Zamri to start, while Ashri will most probably come in as the super-sub he is.

The game against T-Team will be tough for Sarawak as T-Team is a very formidable team regardless of where they play. However, a one week rest period, plus the possibility of seeing better understanding between Muratovic and Zamri Morshidi may propel the Crocs into their second victory away from home.

With that, we expect Sarawak to score the full 3 points in this game, hence jumping up the standings.

Prediction: T-Team 1 – 3 Sarawak


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