A very slippery pitch presented a careful game at Sultan Ismail Nasaruddin, Terengganu with Sarawak leaving defeated for the second time by a team from Terengganu.

The game started off with both teams playing carefully with T-Team guilty of their inability to convert the many chances they had. Sarawak whom opted to partner Muratovic with K Ravindran seemed a little silent in almost every department preferring to absorb the attacks made by T-Team and making long shots towards the goal.

In the 22nd minute, T-Team almost changed the score after Faiz managed to play a one-two-pass with Fazly, but his shot on goal was saved by Sani Kamsani. Minutes later, Faiz again defeated his marker as he paced towards goal, but his shot ballooned high.

The game went on with both teams having difficulties adjusting to the slippery pitch. However, Sarawak managed to put in one last attack before the break but Azizan Baba’s cross failed to meet Muratovic.

The second half started with both teams showing more urgency for the win. However, the wet and slippery pitch again proved the spoiler as both teams found it hard to hold onto possession.

Realizing the lack of creativity up-front, Robert Alberts ejected K Ravindran for Zamri Morshidi in the 52nd minute. The move sparked more attacking flair from Sarawak, but still they failed to hit the back of the net.

In the 66th minute, Terengganu took full advantage of Sarawak’s loose defending  when Sani Anuar failed to catch unmarked Faiz’s powerful shot on goal, giving the home side the lead in the game.

Sarawak tried hard to equalize by launching numerous dangerous attacks but their top striker Muratovic was either caught offside or faltered when it mattered most.

In the dying minutes, Zamri Morshidi almost equalized for Sarawak.  However, Sharol Saperi’s through pass to him which he controlled well was blocked by Syamsuri.

Sarawak continued to pressure in order to find the equalizer, but the score stayed at 1 for T-Team, and 0 for Sarawak.

In the post match interview, Robert Alberts singled out Muratovic as the biggest let down from his side saying that he had expected more from the foreign striker.

Final score: T-Team 1-0 Sarawak