MSL 2012 Match Preview: Kedah vs Sarawak


Both Sarawak and Kedah meet bringing their inconsistent records in Malaysian Super League (MSL) behind their backs.  The mid table clash is set to strengthen the winners position to be retained in the MSL next season.

The fortunes of Kedah have indeed been mixed under Wan Jamak Wan Hassan with the team struggling to find footing in the MSL.  Their home record hasn’t been impressive as they are evenly stretched between wins, draws and defeats.

However, the Kedahan team can’t be taken for-granted as they have already beaten the likes of Selangor and Perak while failing to fulfil their full potential against mediocre teams in the MSL such as Felda United, PKNS, T-Team, Sabah and Terengganu.

Against the league leaders, they held holding Lions XII and but were powerless to stop Kelantan from trashing them.

Sarawak on the other hand are riding high after they drew 1-1 with Kelantan, in which saw them pin the Malaysia Cup champions throughout the game.

The debut of Joel Epalle with Guy Bwele proved dangerous in the game, and this is set to continue when Sarawak travel to Kedah on Friday.

Apart from the excellent performances from the imports, the local players such as Dzulazlan Ibrahim, Sharan Samad, Sharol Saperi, Azizan Baba and Sani Anuar have improved their performances, and are set to show their class.

For the game against Kedah, Sarawak coach Robert Alberts will be happy to have Hairol Mokhtar back together with Azizan Babawhom played in the last 10 minutes against Kelantan.  He will however be missing injured K Rajan and Rashid Aya whom have been playing well.

Sarawak does have a favourable record in the MSL if compared to Kedah as they tend to perform against teams below their standings in the league, while succumbing to narrow defeats to bigger teams.

The match will be very interesting as the winner will be able to distance themselves from the lower part of the MSL, hence avoiding regulation next season.  Sarawak will strengthen their place at eight shall they win, and Kedah will move to eight if the full points sway their way.

Nonetheless, our biased opinion is that Sarawak looks good for the win, and we expect their good run to continue with an impressive win over the Canaries.

Prediction: Sarawak to win by a 3 goal margin.

Photo above shows Bwele (from left), Yosri Dermaraju, and Epalle. Photo credit to