KUCHING – Sarawak will be traveling to Selangor this Saturday with a mission to regain their winning form after loosing two matches in a row.

The Crocs, which have been labelled by many papers as a rising force this season, have dominated many of their games. However, dominance does not give the full three points needed, and Sarawak are set to release Kalle Sone for a new foreign striker.

For the match against Selangor, Sarawak will again be set to field Zamri Morshidi and Asri Chu Chu up-front as trial-list Vedran Muratović failed to make the cut. Zamri was sterling against Terengganu, but he needs to keep his cool in front of goal. The midfield will also see Sarawak rely on Cameroonian Guy Bwele whom has since been a crowd favorite since he joined the squad. Sarawak can also be happy that their defense is close to rock solid with their defenders keeping their cool despite dangerous situations, and hence allowing Sarawak to muster an attack immediately after breaking down one. The defenders however need to work on communication as all four were guilty of allowing Francis Doe to score the winning goal for Terengganu.

Selangor, wounded and defeated to Melaka last Tuesday will also be eager to bounce back to show they are still a power house in the Super League. Like Sarawak, Selangor is having problems up-front with their first choice striker, Lelo Mbele  injured. However, Selangor’s striking problem goes a little deeper with Amri Yahyah the sole capable striker available. In midfield, Selangor looks strong on paper with national player Safiq Rahim, but many have commented that there is nothing to shout about from the squad.

Sarawak and Selangor are fierce rivals in the 90’s and the anticipation for this match is high with fans on both sides eager to show who’s better. Goals for this match will be scarce, with both Selangor and Sarawak having problems upfront. Nonetheless, with Sarawak having more options up-front, and Bwele’s ability to dominate the midfield, we expect Sarawak to scrape through with a famous one goal victory.  The match is expected to be televised on TV1.

Prediction: Selangor 0 Sarawak 1