This weekend, the Malaysia Cup champs are flying over to face Sarawak at the state stadium.

The Crocs are still rethinking their striking options with Kalle Sone and┬áVedran Muratovi─ç both lining up for the task, but shall news on Kalle prove to be true, Sarawak may just opt for him to make his long awaited debut, hence giving Sarawak’s Zamri Morshidi(7) the clinical partner he needs.

In midfield, the likes of Shahrol Malek(4), Hairol Mokhtar(9), Sharol Saperi(16), K Rajan(19) and Azizan Baba(18) would be fighting for a place in the starting line-up to partner Guy Bwele who will most likely be back to boast the midfield. Sarawak’s midfield showed a touch of class in their game against fancied Selangor, making them gain praises from many outsiders and fans a like.

The defense of Sarawak is again expected to be marshaled Yosri Derma Raju(15), Ramesh Lai Ban Huat(13), Mohd Dzulazlan Ibrahim(13) and Khairul Azahar Eidros(20), and with Sani Anuar Kamsani(22) taking goalkeeping duties from injured Saiful Amar Sudar (1), Sarawak is expected to be rock solid at the back.

The visiting champs will be missing influential Subramaniam Kunanlan(7), but the side still remains strengthen with players like Muhammad Shukor Adan(12) and defender Norhafiz Zamani Misbah(5). In addition to that, well scoring import Jean-Emmanuel Effa Owon(10) is expected to lead the attack, and give Sarawak custodian Sani Anuar a massive goalkeeping test in the match. The team is also expected to field national goalkeeper Farizal Marlias (1) and hence giving the Crocs a huge obstacle when trying to penetrate Negeri Sembilan’s defense.

This game will go to the wire with both teams seeking the full 3 points. However, with Sarawak dominating matches at home , despite loosing, and the possibility of the Crocs being beefed up with a new foreign striker which they urgently need, we anticipate the Crocs for the win in front of a massive home crowd.

Prediction: Sarawak 1 Negeri Sembilan 0


  1. just some correction author,

    Hairol Mokhtar is a defender, K Rajan is a striker and Khairul Edros is a striker

    just for future reference

    good writing though. tok dipelu kita, media pakei hype match sak semua semangat. so, thanks sarawak bloggers!

    • Hi Ngap.

      The review is done based on several sources on the internet(FB included), and it’s a little confusing with RA switching player position in every match, and sites having different info on each player.

      We appreciate the feedback, and thank you so much for it.

      If you have a possible line up for future games, do email us as admin[at] so that we can consider it in our review. We’d love the help to make the review more accurate.

      Again, thank you!

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