Despite the off-pitch events, and the sudden reversal of the Kuala Lumpur – Sarawak venue at the final days prior to the game, the Crocs look strong for a win in Hang Jebat Stadium, Melaka when they take on the City Boys for the second time this year.

After a long break from any competitive football, Robert Alberts men are determined to bounce back from their unexpected defeat to Kedah in the Malaysia Super League (MSL).

Joel Epalle and Zamri Morshidi is expected to play up-front with the midfield very much seeing the likes of Guy Bwele, Ashri Chuchu, Azizan Baba, Sharol Saperi, K Rajan,  and Azizan Saperi fighting for a spot.

The defence looks certain to be left to Ramesh Lai, Dzulazlan Ibrahim, Shahran Samad and Yosri Derma Raju as captain Hairol Mokhtar would be suspended for four matches.

Sani Anuar is a certain bet between the post, and the Crocs is expected to go all out for the full three points in dedication to their beloved fans whom will be ‘locked out’ during home games due the sanctions placed by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

Win-less Kuala Lumpur on the other hand will be seeking to end their streak by defeating the Crocs by all cost.  To achieve this, they are set to feature Emmanuel Okine and Zakaria Charara whom are loaned from Kelantan to boost their chances.

Rusli Baba will also be hoping that the Crocs awful form against Kedah continues when they play his side as he tries to push his team back out of the relegation zone.

On paper, Sarawak indeed looks the stronger side, but over confidence and off field events may just catch the Crocs off guard this time around. Nonetheless, we expect the Crocs to wipe out the city boys, and hence push them even more as a certain bet for regulation.

Our prediction: Kuala Lumpur 0 – 5 Sarawak with Epalle to score his debut goal