MSL 2012: Johor FC latest victim of hungry Crocs


Sarawak overpowered Johor FC in a match they dominated last night at the Sarawak State Stadium. The Crocs proved they were hungry for the full three points when they struck in a goal in the early minutes of the play.

Coach Robert Alberts decided to field an attacking team as he featured Joel Epalle, K. Rajan and Azizan Baba upfront.

In the first few minutes, the game did seem balanced, but Sarawak was obviously having the upper hand with dangerous passes being made by guy Bwele whom was dominating the middle.

Sarawak had a chance to put themselves one goal up in the game when Azizan Baba brilliantly had a shot on goal. However, his shot was pushed out by the Johorean Keeper for a fruitless corner. Minutes later, Epalle had his shot saved as Sarawak mounted superb attacks towards the Johor goal.

The Crocs continued to push for their opening goal and in the 38th minute almost changed the score to their favour . However, Sharol Saperi’s thunderous shot was yet again saved by the on-form Zamir Mohamed.

The breather came with Zamir saving Johor the blushes as Sarawak walking in the tunnel looking disappointed that their efforts didn’t change the scoreline.

After the breather, the raging Crocs continued their raid on the visiting team.

Alberts also included local boy Zamri Morshidi to improve the Crocs fortune and this was handsomely rewarded when Yosri Derma Raju headed in Sarawak’s first goal of the game.

Unsatisfied with the first goal, Alberts men continued their effort and was again able to change the score board when Guy Bwele put the Crocs two goals ahead.

Zamri put another goal past the Johor goalkeeper a few minutes later when he smartly found an open space to slot in Sarawak’s third goal.

Johor FC whom was defending through the game managed to obtain a consolation goal when they struck in a free kick, but that was not enough to stop the hardworking Crocs from securing the full three points for the night.

Final Score: Sarawak 3-1 Johor FC