MOE didn’t issue LGBT guide, but believes symptoms must be exposed


The Education Ministry views seriously the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) phenomenon and is committed to ensuring that it does not spread to schools and harm the morals of students.

Its deputy minister, Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi said various measures had and would be taken, including appointing counsellors in schools to help parents understand the issue and the dangers it posed.

“However, the ministry does not intend to issue set guidelines to curb the LGBT phenomenon although we realise that it is increasingly evident in this country.”

Mohd Puad said the question of set guidelines did not arise, but many people might have been confused and thought that the ministry was directly involved in fighting the LGBT menace by issuing such guidelines.

“Actually, we want to educate parents and expose them to the LGBT threat but the parents themselves, through the consultative council, expressed their worry over the LGBT phenomenon,” he said.

Mohd Puad said the ministry was of the opinion that the LGBT symptoms be honestly exposed to parents and teachers so that the problem involving the young, especially those still schooling, could be checked.

“The time has come for the LGBT issue be discussed openly and not treat it as a taboo subject, just like when we introduced sex education in schools where we undertook various measures including naming the subject health and reproductive education.”

– Bernama