Miri Bloggers cover Borneo Jazz 2012


The stage is set for a beautiful yet mesmerizing Borneo Jazz in Miri, and Sarawak Bloggers members from Miri have been given the chance to cover (or rather enjoy) this event for the second time running!

Five spots were made available, with one reserved for a Sarawak Bloggers coordinating member and another, two were made public, and another two spot reserved for Miri bloggers whom can surely attend the event in full, while giving undisputed coverage.

Cyril Dason whom leads Sarawak Bloggers said that “The arrangement was made to enable all parties to be better coordinated by Sarawak Bloggers, while ensuring that the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) receives maximum online coverage for the Borneo Jazz.

He also added “We have to block off some spots for identified bloggers as this will ensure that there is quality in the coverage. The blocked off spots are for bloggers we can depend on, while the open spots are used to seek new bloggers so that we have a bigger pool of quality bloggers from Sarawak“.

Cyril also thanked the Sarawak Tourism Board for being generous in inviting Sarawak Bloggers to a world class event as this also gives recognition to bloggers in Sarawak, while encouraging them to blog in a positive manner for the benefit of Sarawak.

The lucky bloggers will enjoy media passes which includes all the facilities allocated to the media.  They will also have the opportunity to be brush shoulders with VVIPS and also the performers of the Borneo Jazz Festival.  The selected ones are:

Twitter: @adjaymagic
Website: http://adjaymagicoftheday.blogspot.com/

Twitter: @reyanna13
Website: http://reyyanna.blogspot.com/

Twitter: @orend3vil89
Website: http://orend3vil89.blogspot.com/

Twitter: @LadyBirdMollyz
Website: http://www.awomandiary.com/

Twitter: williamting99
Website: http://williamtingcl.blogspot.com/

Twitter: @mcdrewnis
Website: http://marg.wordpress.com/

We hope that the bloggers selected will enjoy the Borneo Jazz 2012, as we anticipate them to share their experience to all of us whom are not going. The twitter hashtag for the Borneo Jazz is #borneojazz, and we will be updating everyone on what’s happening during the festival through Twitter, Facebook and of course our news tribune.

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