The government has set RM800 as the minimum wage for those in the Sarawak private sector.

It covers employees in all economic sectors except those in the domestic service sector, such as maids and gardeners. This will see those in Sarawak paid a minimum RM3.85 per hour, but this rate will be reviewed from time to time in tandem with the country’s affordability, productivity and competitiveness.

The rates will take effect six months from the date the Minimum Wage Order (Perintah Gaji Minimum) is gazetted.

Effective date for small-time employers or micro enterprises is extended by another six months in order to give them the space and opportunity to make preparation so that their businesses would not be affected.

The 12-month grace period did not cover professional firms such as dental and medical clinics, legal, architecture and consultants.

The minimum wage between the Peninsula and Sarawak, Sabah and Labuan was due the variation in wage structures and the noticeable cost of living in those places.

Those in the peninsular will have RM900 as their minimum wage.