Microsoft Windows 8 Out For Test


Microsoft has unveiled their latest operating system known as Windows 8 for public testing today.  The operating system is very much anticipated as it is also able to run on low power processors which serve tablets.

Windows 8 will come in two major types — one that works on the traditional x86 chips made by Intel Corp for desktop and laptops, while a new version for the ARM microprocessors that have become the standard for tablets, smartphones and other portable devices.

The interface is more ‘metro’ as it borrows the Windows Phone operating system interface, featuring what is called ‘live tiles’.  The operating system is expected to debut world wide by year end considering Microsoft said that the space between releasing a new operating system should not be more than three years.

Microsoft’s current operating system for computers Windows 7 was released in 2009.

Our comments: Windows 8 looks refreshing and lively. Question is, can it defeat the Mac OS?