I know, I know, it’s already the 2nd of May…and you must be dying to know who the blogger of the month is. Well, before we get on to that, let me just explain why I chose this person as this month’s featured blogger. As a photographer (there’s your first clue, write it down!), I’m always looking for interesting and beautiful subjects . I’m not saying that I have a good eye, because I’m still a work in progress, but when I see something I like, I would know for sure.

I’m also a keen learner. I want to learn, and whenever someone is out there giving out easy tips and tricks, you would definitely see me trying it out within the next hour. That, by the way, is the second clue. Ok, enough with the delay: have you guessed who it is yet? If you have no clue who I’m talking about by now, then I’ll just have to ask all of you to congratulate Cassidy from Kcd Photo as he is our May blogger of the month. Do check out his photoblog; it contains a lot of neat tips and tricks for people who are interested in exploring photography.

Once again, let’s welcome Cassidy as our blogger of the month!