Maxis today announced its new MaxisOne plans which not only increases data allocation, but also allows them to bring the data allocation overseas.

The new allocation of data is automatic, permanent and free of charge, as Maxis says. Below is the increase each MaxisOne plan users will receive.

Aside from the huge new data allocation, Maxis has also introduced a product called MaxisONE DataPool, which allows customer to share data with anyone and across all other phones and tablet with an additional RM48/month plus an extra 5GB data allocation/user. As we understand, the principal line can manage how much data is shared among his supplementary lines.
datapool maxis
Aside from the MaxisONE DataPool, Maxis also has bundled the MaxisONE World services for those wanting to roam overseas. MaxisONE World is basically similar to the previous roaming service offered by Maxis, in which one would need to pay an additional RM38/day for 500MB worth of data. After exceeding the data allocation, customers will get throttled speeds. For this service, Maxis customers must note that it is automatic upon reaching selected ASEAN countries, so unless you want to roam, perhaps removing your SIM is the best option.

The generous data allocation is something many loyal customers have been waiting for, and the extra boost of data has been well received by over 1 million current Maxis subsribers.

It is however expected that other telcos would try to out do Maxis offers by revamping their respective packages.



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