Maxis has made a bold claim that their postpaid bill will never shock you with their new ‘Zero Bill Shock’ policy.

The promise is for all Maxis postpaid plans with Maxis offering their customers a full waiver on their bill if the bill ‘shocked’ them.

Now, you can’t go to your nearest Maxis store and act all shocked to get waiver over you bill because there is of course some guidelines in place as you see below:

  • The first 250kb of accidental PPU(Pay-per-use) data every month is now free
  • Maxis will SMS alert users before they even charge and they will SMS you again for every RM10 of data usage (if you don’t have an internet plan).
  • Maxis promises you will never exceed RM38/day in data roaming charges in over 106 countries.
  • The MaxisONE plan, your domestic call and SMS charges will always be zero.
  • Maxis has capped PPU data charges at RM50/month

From what we observe, there’s a lot of ‘reminders’ and warnings given by Maxis for the ‘Zero Bill Shock’ policy, which is something way overdue.

Personally, the maximum cap of RM50/month for PPU data and the promise that you will never exced RM38/day roaming charges when overseas is the best part of the deal because that basically removes the biggest cause of bill shocker in Malaysia.

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