Maxis has announces limitless streaming and free access to Spotify Premium, and a partnership with Chromecast.

These new partnerships and services will allow their customers to have absolute freedom to enjoy all the experiences and benefits of using the Internet on their phones, further enhancing the appeal of their MaxisOne plans.

With Spotify Premium, customers of the MaxisOne can enjoy #MusicNow and listen to any song, anytime, for free. This offer will last until July 31, with customers given free access and the opportunity to enjoy limitless streaming of their favourite music on Spotify Premium.

For their partnership with Google Chromecast, Maxis would be the first to market Chromecast in Malaysia. With this neat device, you can now cast limitless entertainment from your internet device to any TV, including any YouTube channel, full-length movies, games, videos and photos. Imagine a portable ‘Plug & Play’ device you can carry everywhere with you, even when travelling. MaxisONE plan customers can get Chromecast for just RM150 (RRP RM170).

It is understood that Maxis is hoping that customers would be enjoy their limitless world of MaxisONE to enjoy these experiences without restrictions.