So you have decided you are getting an iPhone 6, but you can’t exactly decide which plan should you get, which phone should you buy (since there’s the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+), and how long should you be bonded for.

Well, thanks to Maxis, we have some data which will simplify your selection process, and you can check out the image below.

The Maxis iPhone 6 plan package
The Maxis iPhone 6 plan package

So, if you want our ‘expert opinion’, the best Maxis iPhone 6 package for you would be the Maxis ONEPlan, which offers up to 3GB of data, and unlimited (there’s no capping, like really!) call and sms to all networks.

Coming close would be the iValue 2 plan, but with only a mere RM3 seperating the OnePlan and the iValue 2, the former is indeed the best choice.

You can also forget about the iValue Simple plan because despite coming in as the cheapest commitment package (RM50), no one uses only 1GB of data nowadays, and you’d be paying a lot more if you do top-up your data package, and make huge amounts of calls and SMS.

If you are asking us about the phone of choice, well it depend a lot on what type of screen you’d like to use, and how much you are willing to pay for the phone, although it very well seems that Maxis is pushing for their customers to get the iPhone 6 under their ONEPlan which seems to not only be the best plan available, but also offering the cheapest pricing for the devices.

The only thorn in theĀ ONEPlan is that it comes at a non-negotiable two year contract.