KUCHING – The match tonight between Sarawak and Terengganu will see two of Sarawak’s own boys, namely Joseph Kallang Tie and Reshafiq Alwi, take on their own home team state. Both players are expected to be fielded by Terengganu from the start, and are expected to help Terengganu make Sarawak sweat at their own den.

On paper Terengganu has almost every reason to be confident of taking full points from this game as they not only trashed Felda United last weekend, but could also be further bolstered by their controversial import players. In fact Terengganu’s head coach, Mat Zan Mat Aris has all the reason to smile as his team will also be boasting talents like Mohd Muslim Ahmad, Abdul Hadi Yahya and Abdul Shukur Jusoh, aside from the two Sarawakian players Joseph Kallang and Reshafiq Alwi. Indeed, the FA Cup holders of 2011 are more than eager to snatch 3 full points away from the newly promoted Crocs.

But the Crocs aren’t easy meat at home. History has proven that Sarawak is tough at home, and that they somehow become stronger when playing in the State Stadium. The fanatic fans of the Crocs brings in the fighting spirit, and with the seats of the state stadium closer to the field(if compared to the Sarawak Stadium), the Crocs would most certainly make it a point to satisfy their home fans.

In fact, the 2-1 defeat in the Borneo Derby last weekend is a certain boost to the Crocs to prove their worth to fans, which have just started to come back. For the game against Terengganu, the Crocs are set to striker miss Kalle Sone which is still uncertain, but has Guy Bwele to help in midfield. Bwele received huge praises from Sabahans last weekend after his starling performances. On top of that, Zamri Morshidi and K Ravindran are slowly blending with each others game, and are set to create havoc for Terenganu, while custodian Saiful Amar is set to prove that his mistake against Sabah is a total fluke, and that it wouldn’t happen again anytime soon.

With both teams fighting it out for full points, and Sarawak being amazingly superb at home.  We see both teams going home with a point.  Fans of the Crocs are advised wear red, and to come early as the match kicks-off at 815PM.

Prediction: Sarawak 1 Terengganu 1