Match Preview: Sabah Expected To Overcome Sarawak?


The preview of the coming MSL games over the weekend sees GOAL.COM expecting the Crocs to falter to the Rhinos at Likas with a 2-0 margin.  The site cited that the Rhinos are looking to cheer their fans up after a tragic defeat last week, and nothing can be sweater than one over their neighbors.  The match is also dubbed the Borneo Derby, as both teams are the only ones originating from the Borneo side of Malaysia.

Sabah lost their opening match after two of their goals were disallowed last Tuesday, while Sarawak played a very dicipline game to win 2-0 against Kuala Lumpur at the Sarawak State Stadium.  Sarawak is still sweating over their import striker Kalle Sone which hasn’t debuted for the Crocs, while Sabah has all imports on deck.

Sarawak have not played Sabah in the last 3 years in the Malaysian Super League, but won 1-0 against the Rhinos in a friendly recently.  The question now is, can the Crocs prove GOAL.COM’s prediction wrong?a