KUCHING: A masive accident was reported at Kuching’s 3rd Mile flyover, just in front of a nearby bank.

The accident is said to happen when a truck (4wD) loose control and ‘jumped’ into the next lane crashing into the on coming MyVi.  A photo uploaded to Facebook by The Collective’s Fazli Taufek showed a totalled black MyVi with what seems to be a silver truck.

The photo also revealed that the road divider was wrecked, hence giving a clear indication of how major the accident impact must have been.

Reports revealed that Dayang Fatimah Abang Drahman, 51 was the sole fatality.

The accident caused massive jams along major roads leading to and leaving Kuching with the flyover leading towards 4th Mile closed to traffic.

Updated on 23 Feb 2012.