Malaysia Airlines (MAS) could introduce a premium economy option to attract long-haul business travellers as one part of a broader strategy to try to help it exit years of losses.

The airline, which introduced a new business class seat last week, will make a decision in “a couple of months”.

MAS said that its business class demand is very positive and they hope to use the opportunity to increase the revenue per passenger.

Introducing premium economy seats — usually wider and with more leg room than in economy class — would allow MAS to compete more effectively for business passengers against its rivals.

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways began offering a premium economy option in 2012, and Singapore Airlines from this year.

Airlines like SIA also offer priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling.

All MAS aircraft currently operate in a two-class configuration – business and economy – except for its Airbus jumbo A380s, which also have a first class option. MAS considered premium economy for the A380s in 2012, but decided against it in favour of additional economy class seats.

Source: Reuters


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