Our featured blog for March is special because it’s very different. While most blogs trade words and photos captured using a digital camera, this particular blog does it in caricature which are nothing short of original. Due to that, the blog authors have been winning numerous competitions in the past as many can’t beat the caricature animation they produce.

The layout of the blog itself tells us how caricature plays a huge role in the blog, with the header itself prominently depicting a caricature of Egg and Yolks. Aside from that you can also notice some nicely placed adverts on the sidebars and the header, but nothing disruptive looking which will annoy you.

So what do you get in The Egg Yolks?
If you are looking for original caricature, or rather cartoon like tales about both Egg and Yolk, and yes their two dogs, this is where you need to be. While some post may seem to be an entry for a competition, but it doesn’t deprive their readers of something fresh, interesting and well written/drawn. To say the least, if there’s any blogger having original content in their blog to the maximum, this blog is it.

With that said, we are proud to announce The Egg Yolks as Sarawak Bloggers featured blog of March and congratulations on your 3rd Wedding Anniversary!


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